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Posted: 13/10/2021

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What’s important for a support team member for A?

A is a 10 year old boy who lives with his sister S and their parents. He has an infectious zest for life and is always on the go. He enjoys practical jokes and has a great sense of humour. He had a brain injury when he was born. This has meant that he has a severe learning disability and is extremely sensory seeking. He is fully physically able, very athletic and hyperactive. He loves being active and is very sociable. His family are looking for support workers who:

* Want to have fun.

* Are energetic, enjoy sports (swimming, cycling, badminton, trampolining)

* Are able to communicate A on all levels

* Enjoy music, singing and dancing

* Are able to laugh at yourself and with others

* Have the confidence to be spontaneous with Alfie

* Are able to help him to do things as independently as possible

* Can be proactive to meeting Alfie’s needs not reactive to them

* Keep him orientated

* Help him with his sensory seeking

* Keep him safe

* Are able to support him with his routine

* And have the confidence to be able to think flexibly about how to support him with his goals (thinking outside the box)

* Are able to learn about his sensory seeking (his need to run + jump and use his body) so that he is safe and positively occupied

* Are able to be flexible about how they support Alfie so that the family quality of life is prioritized

* Are able to communicate well with parents about Alfie’s activities and goals.

* Can Consider the family’s needs and values first and foremost

* Are approachable (to A’s sister, to parents, to other staff members)

* Have the confidence for dynamic risk assessment in the community to maximise his participation + engagement

* Understand the level of support he needs with personal care (i.e. be ok with taking him to the toilet and helping him to wipe his bottom)

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