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Senior Consultant





Posted: 24/01/2023

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Senior Consultant

The core objective of our delivery consultants is to ensure that clients can secure and retain the highest calibre individuals who will be able to achieve their main objectives. Whilst we are often paid when an individual joins a client, we are judged on how they perform in their role.

To this end we need to work very differently to a traditional recruiter. We are considered as genuine trusted advisors and part of their team (as opposed to suppliers).

As a consultant, you will be focused exclusively on delivery of fully retained projects.

Working closely with our Research team, you will ensure you have a detailed understanding of the scope of the requirement, the value proposition of the client, and the expected timescales.

From there, the research team will then develop a longlist of prioritised target individuals for you to headhunt and qualify. As with the clients, you will develop a trusted relationship with these individuals gaining a detailed understanding of their skills, experience, motivations, and aspirations. From this you will be able to qualify their suitability for the specific requirement, the emphasis being on accuracy.

You will manage the overall project with the client, ensuring they are informed of progress, challenges, and opportunities, as well as managing their recruitment process in a professional and effective manner.

This includes ensuring all objections or concerns are identified and managed, and all parties have real clarity throughout the process.

To achieve this, you will need to build strong relationships and develop trust through a detailed understanding of the market, company, role and individual, as well as a commitment to the long-term success of both the client and the individuals recruited.

In summary, you will be involved in:

* Developing a detailed understanding of specific recruitment assignments.

* Proactively headhunting potential individuals with the most relevant career experience to support the growth of our client’s businesses.

* Qualifying potential candidates for our client’s businesses.

* Developing highly accurate shortlists for each requirement, including developing all the relevant documentation following interviews.

* Managing the relationship with the clients through the delivery of the project, ensuring all communication is clear and accurate.

Essential Requirements

* At least five years’ experience within a recruitment environment

* Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships quickly

* A genuine interest in business and technology

* Confidence speaking to people on the phone

* The ability to analyse information quickly and make sound judgements

* Excellent team working skills

* Driven and self-motivated

* Desire to work in a fast paced, challenging environment

* Ability to work quickly and effectively

* Good time management skills

Personal and Career Development

As outlined, we invest heavily in development, meaning that throughout your career at CRSI will be focused on developing your knowledge and understanding of the sectors we work in and our methodologies.

This is achieved through a blend of working through our structured training programme, and working as a valuable member of the team, delivering people-based consulting assignments for high-growth investor-backed businesses.

This ensures that in addition to developing your functional skills and developing a track-record for successful delivery, you will increase your knowledge about new business funding and venture capital, high tech industries and advanced analytical skills

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