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Healthcare Assistant Support Worker

Velox Healthcare



£17.50 - £35/hour


Posted: 17/03/2023

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We are looking for Healthcare Assistants around Guilford to support in local hospitals OR care homes as temporary support staff. You must:

* Have at least 6 months UK experience actively working with Adults in Healthcare.

* Be helpful, friendly, and caring.

* Adhere to Velox staff conduct and general obligations.

* Have the care, wellbeing, and safety of the person/people in your care as your first concern.

* Work as directed by your Supervisor and follow all requests, instructions, policies, procedures, standards and rules.

* Adhere to the health & safety requirements at all times.

* Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with your colleges and Velox management team.

As a member of our team, you will also have access to our employee benefit scheme which includes:

* Insurance, covering Family Leave, Compassionate Leave, Disablement, and Accidental Death.

* Time off, covering Accident, Injury, Family Leave, Compassionate, Disablement, and Accidental Death.

* Wellness, including access to GP, Counsellor and Physiotherapist Appointments, Financial Advice, and much more.

* Deals & Discounts, including big savings on shopping, fuel and your favourite branded items!

If this role would suit you, we will need you to have the following:

* Complete our application pack and forms

* Up to date CV

* 2 UK references

* Clear professional ID photo

* National Insurance Number

* In date Adult DBS

* 2 proof of addresses

* Passport

* VISA/Biometric Residency Permit

* Mandatory training

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