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Warehouse Quality

Pertemps Northampton





Posted: 25/05/2023

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Warehouse Quality

Monday - Thursday

£11.30 per hour

1. Receive incoming shipments and verify their contents against accompanying documentation, such as purchase orders or packing lists. Examine the condition, quantity, and quality of the items, comparing them to predetermined standards or specifications. This involves checking for any damages, defects, or discrepancies and recording any findings.
2. Checkers play a crucial role in maintaining accurate inventory records. May use various systems, such as barcode scanners or inventory management software, to track and reconcile incoming and outgoing stock. This includes updating stock levels, identifying shortages or excesses, and flagging any discrepancies or inconsistencies.
3. Responsible for ensuring that goods meet the required quality standards. Perform visual inspections, conduct measurements, or run tests on samples to assess product quality and compliance. This can involve checking for proper labeling, packaging integrity, functional performance, or adherence to safety regulations.
4. Maintain detailed records of their inspections, including documenting the results, discrepancies, or non-conforming items. Generate reports and provide feedback to supervisors or relevant departments, enabling necessary actions to rectify issues or initiate further investigations.
5. Work closely with other warehouse personnel, such as receiving or shipping teams, to coordinate the smooth flow of goods. Communicate any discrepancies or concerns, provide clarification on specifications or requirements, and assist in resolving any issues related to inventory or product quality.
6. Overall, the primary objective is to ensure that products or materials meet the expected standards, thereby maintaining the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of warehouse operations.

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