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Cnc Programmer

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Posted: 16/11/2023

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Position Purpose:

This role is responsible for importing and developing software programs that direct CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines to cut and shape metal, plastics, and other composites to produce precision components. Using CAD models, both 3D and 2D or engineering drawings that define the configuration of the required component, the CNC programmer will use CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software programs to generate the program code that guides CNC machines to perform machining operations which result in precise finished components – efficiently and safely.

Main Outcomes of the Position

* Ensures that parts are accurately and timely programmed in production sequences based up on the schedule to meet production goals.

* Enables the machining team to produce parts using the most efficient tools and tool paths

* Provides support and expertise to the planning & purchasing team on make/buy decisions, inclusive of raising purchase orders when required.

* Provides technical expertise to design where needed to facilitate smooth and efficient manufacture of parts.

* Ensures all planning systems are up to date

Key responsibilities/Decision making authority: Main responsibilities/decisions the role is accountable for fulfilling/engaging.

* Program various CNC machines utilising CAM software from solid models, DXFs, drawings, and any other format provided by other departments such as design

* Ability to perform machining calculations including, but not limited to speeds and feeds in a diverse range of tooling and raw materials

* Determine reference points and optimal cutting directions for tool path definition besides sequencing CNC operations for best results

* Determine changes in programs as required during the prove out phase of operation and edit existing programs independently while keeping machinist input in mind, as well as using the time wisely for coaching when possible

* Ability to detect, prevent, or correct inefficient cutting conditions as well as machine tool crashes

* Establish and maintain professional relationships with all levels of the machining team while providing them with technical support

* Problem solve when a solution is needed quickly

* Analyse CNC errors, locate root cause in code and take corrective action if and when others cannot especially if code was generated by lower

Skills and experience (incl years of experience) necessary to meet the expectations and requirements for the role (technical expertise, qualifications, certifications, work experience in a subject matter/function

* 3-5 years of CNC programming experience in CAM software that are approved by the Company

* Apprentice trained or equivalent combination of education and work experience

* Have a mechanical aptitude

* Proficiency in mathematics, and experience using AutoCAD, CAM & MS Office

* Strong oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to handle changing priorities in a fast-paced environment

* Prior CNC programming experience is a must in milling, turning, and routing environments

* Strong commitment to detail and error-free performance

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